Online Search Training for First Responders


training1For my final project for Online Searching I decided to create a Prezi geared towards teaching First Reponders (those EMS, police, fire and other emergency personnel who deal with the crisis and disasters of our world).  I offered demonstrations and useful tips for three databases: ProQuest Dialog (mainly Medline), PubMed and the Disaster Management Information Research Center (which is a great site full of grey material brought together by medical librarians seeking out all the great work that tends not to aggregated anywhere else).

Then there are three problems to solve and three videos which walk users through potential solutions.


Exciting times for Information Professionals

Isn’t this the most amazing time in the history of the world to be alive.  It might just be all the cream and sugar I put in my tea but I just love that elance is so successful and that these brilliant young people traveled all over Europe in a bus coming up with great ideas and that the idea that won is an app to help remind people of their social networks and emotional capacity when they are depressed.  I kinda wish I was young again and just starting out – but the great part of this information revolution is that it doesn’t matter who or where you are what matters is how well you can sell your ideas.  Here’s to changing the world one amazing idea at a time.